20 Muharram 1441

There is a dutch sister you wears niqab and there is an upcoming niqab ban in netherlands. She lives alone as she got kicked out the house for becoming muslim. She has recently been attacked on the sreets and is very scared to walk around. She is asking if it’s permissible for her to take a taxi to places and she may be in a car with a male driver but it’ll be safer.

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Apr 25th, 2019


Subhana Allah! They fight modesty while advocating vice and prostitution. I believe that Muslims must fight such a ban in all types of courts and human rights organizations including the European court!  If this doesn’t work, they must migrate and leave this evil country.

Meanwhile, women must wear surgical masks instead of the niqab and justify this to avoid pollution and diseases as no one can object to that! Even women who don’t believe in the obligation of niqab must also express their solidarity with their sisters by wearing it as well! 

Maybe such pressure would let the Kafir authorities reverse their unjust decision and maybe even close their inhuman and barbaric red district! 

As for riding with the taxi alone, he might be a bad person and attack her as well! This is not permissible. She should go out with other sisters or take Uber with a female driver.

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