22 Jumada al-Awwal 1441

Sir i am very rude specially to my mother.i love her and i know that she has raised us through many difficulties and hardship yet i cant control my anger for her silly behavior.I tried myself to be good with her but i can’t keep that up for long time.i listen to many lectures about this topic yet i can’t mend my behave.what should i do?

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In Fiqh of the family
Aug 8th, 2019


Prepare to take your seat in hell! There is no excuse accepted from you except if you are insane and unaccountable. It is funny how your anger is selective and you can only show it to your mother. But if it was to your boss, a police officer or to a man full of miracles, it is funny how tolerant and polite you become!

Sheikh whenever my mother gets upset even for a small thing she could speak ill towards us, hurtful things. How can we stop her from this? Even if we try to tell her nicely if she is not angry or share to her lectures about this it seems that she never changes or realize that we can be hurt whenever she says negative things.She never apologises to us coz for her she’s our mother.


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