23 Jumada al-Awwal 1441

My husband lives abroad and wants me to live with his family in their house. I have been married for 4 years now and living where he desires. But I can’t do it any longer,his mom keeps nagging at me all the time for every little thing,it’s difficult for me to stay with them. I told him I don’t want to stay here but he refuses to listen. What should I do?

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Apr 2nd, 2019


Try to be diplomatic as you don’t want to end up being divorced if he is a stubborn man who listens to his mother’s nagging! You are not obliged to serve his family as your responsibility lies only in serving him and his children. Do not argue with his mother no matter what she says! Let her talk and complain while giving her deaf ears. If she accuses you or says anything to you, NEVER DEFEND yourself or even reply. Simply smile in her face and carry on with what you are doing. Once she fails to get a negative reaction from you, this will destroy her and turn the table on her head. In few weeks time, she will leave you alone.

Your husband has no right in forcing you to stay with his parents especially since he’s not staying there as well.

Ask your father to talk to him and let him know that you would stay at your parents place till he comes back or takes you with him.

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