1 Rajab 1441

i,ve been suffering problems from 5 year. i lost 20KG weight in 3 years sick all the time. went to 6 doctors & after all kind of tests they r unabele to find out what is the reason. me my mom & my relatives doubting black magic.can i take help from person who use jinn to see if someone did black magic on me?

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In Jinn, Witchcraft, Black Magic and the Evil Eye
May 8th, 2018


You must not go to such people as this is shirk. If you think you have been afflicted with black magic, make ruqyah over water and drink a lot from it until you are cured. Also, hold tight to your daily (morning and evening) athkaar, the athkaar after prayers, before going to the bathroom, and before going to bed and you will be protected by the Grace of Allah.

What is Ruqyah and how one should do it?

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