2 Jumada al-Thani 1441

I would like to know if I am wrong or not. Being a daughter in law, my mother in law allows herself to move freely in my house( note that I live upstairs) or comment negatively on my way of cooking and my way of cleaning my house (note that i am a working mother). My sister in law also do tell me things like my husband is depressive since he got married.. how do I respond to that

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Feb 15th, 2019


Do not pay any attention to their comments and do not engage in any argument or dialogue with them!  If they accuse you with something, give them a big smile and do not defend yourself. This will kill them softly for failing to provoke you to respond in a negative way! After a while, they will stop such behaviors as they would sound like a dog barking without anyone paying any attention to it.

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