1 Rajab 1441

I hav developed POWERFUL feelings of LOVE towards my FATHER’S OWN younger BROTHER’S daughter.I want 2mary her,but my parents n some others say”she is my Sister in Sri Lanka”nd it’s equal as marrying my OWN sister,nd are even hesitating 2ask 4her hand 4m her parents,I don’t understand sheikh,Allah is allowing it,but some how it’s NOT happening.Should I fight 4her or let her go?PLEA

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Dec 24th, 2019


It is absolutely permissible to marry her as she’s not your mahram. 

However, for the marriage to be valid, her father’s (wali) consent is mandatory. Try to convince your uncle but if he refuses then move on as there are plenty of women out there. 

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