1 Rajab 1441

I am unmarried 30 years of age girl. I always wanted to marry as early as possible. Now I think i am not fit for marriage & I should not try for it.when i see my friends/cousins all married I feel that is because they are better muslims & my sins are greater than them. I also feel i am not a responsible person mayb to be married so should not look any more.

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Jun 14th, 2019


Everything happens with Allah’s will and this was destined to happen 50 thousand years before the creation of the heavens and the earth so you need to have complete reliance and faith in Allah and pray and hope that Allah will get you married to a practicing brother soon. You must not despair of Allah’s Mercy as Allah is as His servant thinks of Him, so have the best hope from Him. 

Make dua during times of acceptance, such as in salah in your sujood, in the last tashahud, before making salam, between Azaan and iqama, during the last third of the night, begging Allah until He opens the door and answers your dua. 

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