11 Ramadan 1439

USA Europe everyone who has some arabic knowledge is shaykh including womens.Most of them r deviant,why u or other scholars do not warn people?Our friend & family they don’t listen to us,I know u guys call people to goodness but it’s also duty for scholars to save people from the bad! People around the world is really confused,why arab shaykh don’t come together & identify those fake shaykh?

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Mar 20th, 2017

In order to judge people, we need to know what they say whether it is
good or bad and whether it was said with good intention or deviancy in

Also, we don’t have time to expose such people as they are many and
this would engage us in fights and arguments which we don’t have time
for and our hearts are not strong enough to withstand such torture.

We prefer to show the people the truth and this by itself will make
falsehood disappear.

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