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My wife compares her right with my parents.If I say no to something or will give when able,she disrespectfully tells me so many hurtful words just like a grownup.I try to explain her politely,but she doesn’t stop.She later says sorry when I stop talking to her.If I complain to her or my parents,they say that she is like a little girl,it will be ok.Kindly advise.

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Jun 18th, 2019


Why would you complain to your parents about your wife? This will only cause them to hate her in the future despite whether you two kiss and make up! Be a man and conceal your marital affairs from the rest of the world.

A wife has her rights and the parents have theirs. They are not linked. The moment she is disrespectful to you or to your parents, shut down and don’t pay any attention to whatever she is saying and ignore her as if she doesn’t exist. When she is in a good mood, ask her if she wants to continue this marriage or if she feels that she is not being treated fairly and she would like to get a divorce as you don’t want to invest in a short tern relationship and waste time on a marriage that might not last.

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