9 Rabi al-Thani 1440

My mother in law is a widow and my husband is her only son. it is very stressful and mentally exhausting to stay with her.she is generally a person who notes people and critises and labels them often.she does it even more with me. she is also my aunt and we have common relatives.it is very hurtful that my own relatives have started thinking badly of me. she picks on me all the time.how do i deal?

By Admin
In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Nov 14th, 2017

You need to deal with her with a smiling face as if to show whatever she comments, does not have an effect on you, slowly and gradually she will reduce in shaa Allah. Learn to never answer back or argue with her as this is what fuels conversations. Just reply with a smile and say short but positive comments and eventually, she will get fed up and stop.

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