9 Rabi al-Thani 1441

My in-laws have taken my gifts in their custody that were given to me by my family on my wedding. What should I do, i can’t tell them directly to give them back.

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Feb 1st, 2019


What they have done is absolutely prohibited and they have no right whatsoever in taking your gifts. Ask your husband to take them back from your in laws as these are your possessions and not anyone else’s. What they’re doing is absolute zulm. If your husband declines, you can address your parents and ask them to talk to them. Before doing this, tell your parents in law that your father and mother are asking about their gifts and why they don’t see you wearing them. You can then ask them to give it to you when you go to visit them and then you can keep it with your parents for safe keeping. 

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