29 Jumada al-Awwal 1441

Its been 2yrs that my husband has changed and been a better muslim. Prayed all prayers. He stopped listening to music. Would not like even if others played music. But for past 2 weeks hez going back to old self. He prays but has started listening to music. When i try to stop him you know how men are. He doesnt like it. Getting upset anger. How do i deal with it? Or shud i ignore

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Jan 4th, 2018


Don’t nag him as this will drive him further away from the deen. Remind him once in a while lovingly and not as if giving a lecture.  

Ask him for advice by pretending that a friend has gone back to sinning and what should you tell her, try these ambiguous ways and pray to Allah for help and in sha Allah he will stop listening to music soon. 


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