20 Rabi al-Awwal 1441

I got a proposal for marriage from some1 i knw,He is a buisness man works in a halal way but he is less educated than me.I am afraid if my parents will accept him or refuse his proposal based on his education level.My question to u is,If i being more educated than him will effect the marriage?Please guide me to this situation on what basis i shall choose.

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Oct 30th, 2019


First of all, you must not be in contact with anyone before marriage like this as any type of communication with a non mahram is prohibited and sinful. 

Secondly, education is just a certificate that people get from school or university that has no significance except in maybe finding a job. It doesn’t mean that a person is intellectual or smarter than others as the vast majority are laymen and below average.

What really counts is his religious commitment and wealth. If he is well off and he is able to provide for his family comfortably and he is committed Islamicly and has good moral conduct, thousands of women would marry him happily even if they have PhD rather than marry someone like them struggling to make ends meet!

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