17 Muharram 1444

Dear Sheikh,my sister does the ghusl 2 sometimes 3 days after she’s done with her period out of laziness.Then she takes it and prays.She feels guilty for this,but due to her low iman she is reckless.Does this behaviour take her out of fold of islam and does she need to make up for the prayers she was supposed to pray right after her period ended?

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In Menstruation and post-natal bleeding
Jun 29th, 2022


Some scholars say that this takes her out of the fold of Islam due to willingly abandoning a prayer without a legitimate reason. However, the most authentic opinion is that she is sinful and had committed a major sin but she is not yet Kafir.

She can’t make up any of those prayers as they are gone forever and she will be questioned and tormented for skipping them in her grave and on the day of judgement unless she repents. 

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