17 Muharram 1444

Sheikh if a man tells his wife to keep fit, clean, to lose weight and belly fat as due to this he doesn’t feel attracted to her sexually but still she doesn’t obey to this. There are too many beautiful skinny women out there that tempt him. Should he get a second wife? What is the ruling on such a woman and what advice would you give to both the man and the woman.

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Jun 20th, 2022


Such a husband is materialistic and narrow minded! His wife can find tens of flaws and shortcomings in him that many other men are way better than him. Would he feel good when reminded of that?

Not every woman can lose body fat as not every man can achieve a 6 pack!

This person is not following the sunnah and would never be satisfied even if he marries 3 more wives as he is not following sharia but rather his whims and desires.

Most likely with such an attitude, such a marriage wouldn’t last long as it doesn’t have the ingredients nor the maturity to make it last. 

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