17 Muharram 1444

My Muslim Uncle married a Hindu woman and now the Hindu lady and my Muslim uncle is coming home to meet us and she isnt a Muslim. She will come in Immodest clothings. My parents will inevitably force me to Meet her and make eye contact and she might TOUCH ME which is Haram!! And she might talk to me!! What should i do? CAN I MAKE DUA SO THAT UNCLE AND SHE DONT COME? Plz answer Sheikh!!!

By Admin
In Apostasy
Feb 22nd, 2022


You must not meet her nor socialize with your uncle’s wife, whether she be a muslim or not as she’s a non mahram to you.

Your uncle is committing zina if he acknowledges that their marriage is invalid. If he believes that it is valid to marry a Hindu, he is an apostate as he is rejecting the Quran and Sunnah! Your parents must be warned that they may share his same fate if they acknowledge that this is a valid marriage.

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