19 Shawwal 1443

I asked you that if a women is in complete hijab and not even her eyes are visible and the picture is passport size she cant post it on social media. But WHY? No one cant even get a glimps of her skin color let alone what she looks like, it doesnt defy the purpose of hijab and doesnt creat fitna. Then why did u say its HARAM?!

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Jan 16th, 2022


Why donโ€™t you listen to yourself?

If nothing is going to show from her and no one would know if she is a woman or a goat, why is she insisting on posting such a photo?

The answer is because Satan is not happy with her following sharia law. This is why he makes her rebellious indirectly by posting such photos which have no meaning or significance at all.

The next step is to compromise her religion and commitment bit by bit because there is a bad seed in her heart that even she is not noticing but those who are experienced can see it.

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