19 Shawwal 1443

Sheikh My question is regarding my mother, There are times when she gets difficult, she talks about certain family topic thathas no relation to the present she keeps repeating them it is effecting her mentally. I have listened to her stories but i cannot anymore. I have no ways of solving her problems i dont want to be disobidient what can i do ?

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In Character and Morals
Dec 27th, 2021


When you were a child, she used to listen to you repeat the same words hundreds of times trying to learn them and to talk, and she had never complained about it.

She is your test from Allah and it seems that you are about to fail that test! 

Sheikh whenever my mother gets upset even for a small thing she could speak ill towards us, hurtful things. How can we stop her from this? Even if we try to tell her nicely if she is not angry or share to her lectures about this it seems that she never changes or realize that we can be hurt whenever she says negative things.She never apologises to us coz for her she’s our mother.

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