19 Shawwal 1443

Its almost one year dat am staying with ma parents.Ma husband s with his parents dey r telling us to shift to rented home bt he wont afford dat so dey want me to sell of ma gold to lease a home for both of us.Wat am supposed to do?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Dec 10th, 2021


Providing a roof over you is the responsibility of your husband.

It is not your obligation that you use any of your money to provide for a home or itโ€™s rent.

No one can tell you what to do with your possessions.

Whether you choose to help out or not, is entirely upon you. If he is unable to provide for you and you donโ€™t have children, you have the right to file for divorce. You need to evaluate whether this is a good marriage to stay in or not on the long run.ย 

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