24 Rabi al-Thani 1443

My dad has 3 children, 1 daug. & 2 sons. 10yrs back he had given 240gm of GOLD as gift to my sis during her wedding but he didnt give d same gift to his sons.Today we’re dividing property & my dad is ALSO not ready to deduct that amt. of gold (240g) which he had given as a gift to my sis from her share. According to Sahih Muslim:1624 Is he sinful for not equally sharing gifts among his children?

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Nov 14th, 2021


I am shocked of how you are holding your father accountable like this as if you are his partners and not his son!

Instead of putting an eye on his wealth and anticipating the moment he dies to inherit him, you should be asking him to sit back and relax while you work and provide for him the life of a king in order to pay him back some of what he had given you!

Allah only can hold him accountable for that. He may say that I had given my sons a lot more than that in terms of cars, money or helping them in their studies or marriage which is musc more than the gold.

Fear Allah and treat your father well as he is your gateway to paradise.

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