24 Rabi al-Thani 1443

How to respond to Super Sufis/Shias when they say excessive weeping over Hussain’s death or family loved ones death is not a Bidah because Prophet Yakub Peace Be Upon Him cried when he lost his son till he became blind. And prophets are infallible so they can’t do anything wrong.

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Oct 7th, 2021


We don’t respond to people of deviance and shirk with their logic!

It is a waste of time to do such nonsense when the prophet salla Allahu  alaihi wa sallam didn’t do any of such shirk and innovation after the demise of his beloved wife khadeehjah or the martyrdom of his uncle Hamzah and 70 of his companions on Uhud!

It was he who said: those who wail, slap their faces, cut their clothes or tear their clothes while mourning are not from us and they are from the people of Jahiliyah! 

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