4 Rabi al-Awwal 1444

Sheikh a lot of people daily exercise to keep their body healthy while some others tell it’s of no use because if Allah wills such healthy person will get sick. So what should be a Muslim’s approach towards such people. Can our dua and actions change our destiny,in this case does exercising and eating healthy along with dua prevent diseases in the future

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In Divine Will and Decree
Jun 6th, 2021


Such people are ignorant imbeciles. 

Why don’t they sit home and if Allah wills it, their provision will come their way and they don’t have to work or cook to eat and drink and everything will come to them by the will of Allah?

Why when they see a snake or a scorpion coming their way they run away from it? Shouldn’t they trust Allah and if Allah wills it, nothing with harm them?

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