4 Dhul-Qa'dah 1442

In a video you said doing zikr after fard salat is sufficient for separation of fard & Sunnah. https://youtu.be/nRLDqOqF5VE same ans on insta but now on your Facebook page same question is asked reply was these azkar of salat don’t work u have to change place or speak to someone.. I think some of your employee answers incorrectly. Please remove that post people are confused

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May 11th, 2021


It is your own understanding that is incorrect and not any of my team’s.

Please watch the video again as I never said that adkhar after salah is sufficient for separation of fard and sunnah! The issue was about the understanding of the ayah and the belief that the spot witnesses for you! 

What I said is people from the subcontinent stand up immediately to pray the sunnah without offering the prescribed dhikr after fard prayer!


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