19 Shawwal 1443

I’ve had money over the nisab for nearly a year so I know I have to pay 2.5% of that. But I’m confused about what to do with any new gifted money I may get. This money isn’t over the nisab and I spend it sometimes so if I get different amounts on different dates how do I work out the zakaah? If it totals up to the nisab after a few months do I start counting a year from then?

By Admin
In Zakat
May 6th, 2021


It is very difficult to calculate the zakat every month when money is coming at different times. 

This is why it is best and safest to assign one day in the year and on that day, we calculate all the wealth we have in our possession whether it came a year ago or a month ago and give 2.5% and not bother with zakat until the following year. 

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