21 Rabi al-Awwal 1443

A sis asked:Sheikh my parents let my 14yr old sis to use laptop w/o any supervisor 24hr in her room.I advise her to watch Islamic lecture,memorize adhkar&Dua,to learn reading Qur’an but she neglects it.Though she prays 5 times but isn’t learning the more basic things about Islam.I’m really worried.Parents focus only on education.Plz give advise.

By Admin
In Fiqh of the family
Apr 30th, 2021


It’s the parents responsibility, especially the father’s responsibility to not let her be on the internet unmonitored like this.

You have done your job by advising her.

You can give her dawah once in a while with good manners, knowledge, wisdom and diplomacy, without being nagging. She won’t accept your dawah until she loves you and feels that you truly love her and respect her. 

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