8 Ramadan 1442

I wish to marry a girl who is good in deen but not so good in looks. She belongs to family lower in status then my family.I want to set an example 4 others. I feel deen is main.Other thngs like money status, we can get in future too if its in our Qismat. Prophet Muhammad Saw also married many women.There was hikmat in all his marriages. He never said to marry in a similar status family. Am I ryt?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Feb 22nd, 2021


No, you are not right!

Your life is not an illustration board! Why not give up all of your wealth, car and luxuries of life and live on water and dates? 

The prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa salla told us that a woman is sought after for 4 qualities. He didn’t say marry someone who is religious but poor and ugly!

Who cares what the people may think or of the examples you are giving them when you are miserable and regretting the day you chose that woman as a wife?

Focus on getting what helps you get to Allah faster with ease instead of wanting to impress people. 

Nevertheless, it is your life after all and it is your call. 

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