11 Ramadan 1442

Rcntly blssd wit baby-nw 2 babis. Bt i fear of unabl to provide beautiful future to thm if I don’t go bck to job nd earn! My thoughts r husbnds incme wont b sufficient to keep us along with him in foreign country managn our xpnses nd providing gud future to babies!! Is it ok to thnk fr future and go bck to job or shuld I stay home and look after baby/ hsbnd nd ask him to keep us wit him.pls advse

By Admin
In Fiqh of Marriage
Feb 10th, 2021


This is your choice and if your husband gives you permission with you working in a halal job, where there is no free mixing with men and there is no haram involved then no problem. However the best place for a woman is at her home, looking after the husband, the house and children (especially when they are so young) and she will be rewarded for that.

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