14 Safar 1443

I read that this dirty addiction is a test from Allah. Why do i always fail the tests? If Allah know that im weak and struggling muslim why doesnt he help me out a little bit so i can pass the tests and come closer to him. Why is he letting me continue when i have been crying out to him for so long that i dont know how to pass and im losing. Does he like me being a big failure?

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Jan 12th, 2021


It is you who choose to walk carefully so that you won’t be run down by fast cars. 

It is you who choose to eat certain foods and avoid certain foods according to your preference. 

It is you who choose to accept a job or reject it because the pay is not suiting you.

When you fall into sin, it is you who chose to watch pornography and provoke your desire and execute it in a way that angers Allah.

Allah has endless number of His creation to take care of and He had provided them with all what they need to be guided and end up in paradise. 

Some of them chose not to obey Him and instead complain about His actions and blame Him for their own shortcomings and sins! Such people deserve to fail the test and end up in hell for their sins! 

You should avoid this if you want to be saved and repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness instead of complaining like this! 

Whether you complain and whine all day long or you repent and beg Allah for forgiveness, this is your choice and you alone will pay for that. 

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