4 Jumada al-Awwal 1443

What is the point of me asking Allah for something when i feel like hes not going to give me. I pray that i stop some major sins and more. In fact when i make the duas i find that the sins increase, anger gets worse and all that i pray for is reversed and damaging my life. How can i convince myself to trust Allahs plan when it feels like he wants me to sin?

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In Divine Will and Decree
Dec 17th, 2020


These thoughts and feelings are very dangerous and can take a person out of the fold of Islam! How dare you think this negatively of Allah who owns everything and is the most generous? When he doesn’t answer your request, does He do that because He is poor and can’t afford it or because He is stingy? Allah possesses everything in this universe and He is the most generous! This means that He didn’t prevent you from it except there is harm for you in it. Therefore, be grateful and recognize your true size and who Allah is before thinking like this.

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