10 Jumada al-Thani 1442

Does a husband have the right to force wife to take care of his family members saying wife is obliged to listen to husband so if a husband says to serve his family she must serve.But she says she honors his family but she don’t want to serve them, she tells the husband to appoint a service giver for his parents as he has no right to force her in this.Who is right?

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Nov 26th, 2020


The husband has no right whatsoever to force his wife to serve his parents. If he asks her to stand on one foot or to cook food for the whole neighbourhood, is she obliged to obey him? Of course not! 

My motherinlaw is bing vry aggressive and vile towards me, I’m not allowd to sit with the family eat with the family n also cook for my husband or myself. She says I can’t eat the food she makes when she sleeps I go to kitchen to eat.She keeps calin me very hurtful names and brings my father and family into it,I only leave my room for work,husband says he won’t move out! What cn I do

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