24 Rabi al-Thani 1443

Women are considered under major ritual impurity while menstruating, WHY? It’s not ejaculation or other impurities, which can be washed off with a bath, its 7 days a month. Allah loves purity, so means allah don’t love us when we are menstruating, it is something ordained by Allah, not our own will, then y we are called impure, if we r not impure then Y I can not touch quran? I feel depressed.

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In Divine Will and Decree
Oct 20th, 2020


You have serious issues objecting to Allah’s commands and rejecting it with your intellect similarly to how satan refused to prostrate to Adam peace be upon him, Justifying this that it is not logical as Allah  created satan from fire and Adam from clay and logically, fire is more superior to clay! You are in great danger whether you are still muslim or have left the fold of Islam, depending on your conviction and beliefs! 

You are in a state of major impurity while menstruating and this is something that Allah Decreed on all the daughters of Adam;  this has nothing to do with Allah’s love! If you wish to read the Quran, you can do that with ANY electronic device.

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