4 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

Sheikh, why did Allah create so many ppl knowing that majority of them will go to hell? He knew that most of his creation would not pass the test and only few will be in heaven,before even creating this world and the human beings.I want to get an answerfor this. Not than I’m insulting God or anything.I totally believe in Him but certain questions arises in my mind.

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In Divine Will and Decree
Sep 18th, 2020


We belong to Him and He may do whatever He wants without anyone being able to object to that. He can annihilate this entire universe and all those who are in it without anyone being able to object!  We are put in duniya to be tested to separate the believers from disbelievers. Those who believe in Allah and submit their will succeed and those who don’t fail this test. It is like asking why do teachers examine students at the end of the year and place tests and finals while they know that a lot of the students will fail! Why do governments build roads while knowing people will have accidents and might die? 


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