4 Jumada al-Thani 1442

I want to marry guy whom I love.we don’t talk anymore.my heart ache when I think he’ll of someone else n I want to marry him but my parents are all against him strictly as we are a rich n he is poor.had a physical relationship with in past but repented n cutoff.but still I want to marry him.what can i do to please Allah to accept my love n make way n ask Allah to make my parent ready for it

By Admin
In Pre-Marital Relations
Sep 18th, 2020


You must sincerely repent to Allah while showing deep remorse for this haram relationship and doing the major sin of fornication! It doesn’t please Satan that you ended this and that is why he is doing his level best to get you back to sin and to make you anger Allah more and more so that you and satan would be in the same boat. 

Part of your repentance is to never get back to such sins again. Therefore, if you want Allah’s forgiveness, you must not ever think of that person at all and pray to Allah that He sends you someone who is righteous and practicing as a husband.

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