4 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

Brother I have 1 issue thats affecting my relationship with my mother. It makes me very uncomfortable/angry to be sitting in a family gathering with my sister and her husband [my brother in law] when my mother is not wearing hijab. I addressed this with my mother but she states he is like a son to her. I know theyre non-mahram to eachother and she never breastfeed him… her dean/iman is weak

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Sep 13th, 2020


You claim that her deen and Iman is weak but what seems to me that you have a really serious problem due to your ignorance! You want to change the religion of Allah and impose hijab on her from her own son in law? What is next? Maybe tomorrow you are going to order her to wear the hijab at home from you and your brothers as well! 

The son in law is a permanent mahram for the mother in law for life. Even if the daughter dies or they get divorced, the son in law remains mahram to his mother in law! 

You must seek at least the basics about Islamic knowledge before shooting rules on people from your gun of ignorance!

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