16 Safar 1443

Shaikh I have been in a habit of masturbation for several years even after marriage and Im unable to stop even after reading all the fatwas on islamqa. Recently I did something even worse I tried to seduce my house maide I did not commit zina but I was very close. Please help me the guilt is choking me I have kids i feel ashamed and helpless.

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Sep 2nd, 2020


This is not normal at all and I believe that you need to analyze your life as you are in great danger. 

You must see what drives you to such a sin and stop it. Most likely you are also addicted to watching movies that make you fantasize haram things or you watch porn. You must take this out and eliminate it from your home. 

You must also see how your relationship with your wife is going, as in, if you don’t sleep with her except once or twice a week, then you have a problem! 

I personally believe that you need councelling with a sheikh but you also need to check with a psychiatrist as what you are doing is not at all normal. 

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