8 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

I was in an affair for past 2yrs after knowing this my parent denied due finacil background ,a lack of strong devotion toward deen of the partner and forced me to promise infront of kaabah ..even i denied bt still they forced me by saying that if u didnt promise we will not have a relation as father and daughter..after 2 months i break the promise and cntinued the relation..

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In Pre-Marital Relations
Aug 16th, 2020


What you are doing is absolutely prohibited as premarital relationships are totally prohibited in Islam and you are sinful for continuing this. If you want Allah to pardon you, break all communications with him immediately and block him from everywhere besides repenting sincerely to Allah. 

Fear Allah and have some Mercy on your old parents and their reputation. What kind of a child are you who is so selfish in her sins that she doesn’t even flinch thinking about the despair she is giving to her father who has done so much for her all her life and who is her middle gate to Paradise!

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