2 Safar 1442

I feel very distant from my own mother because she married a new guy recently ,(after divorcing my father), and i feel like she has no care or love me like before. It’s not feeling, it is true sheikh. My own father left us many years ago, But now my mother got married. I feel like i have no one sheikh. How do i overcome this?

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In Fiqh of the family
Aug 12th, 2020


Your mother has her own life and must focus on her husband as this is her duty as a muslim woman.

As for you, if you fill your heart with Iman, you will find that you need no one as Allah is always with you. 

Remember Allah all the time and fill your life with Quran, thikr and hangout with practicing righteous people and this would occupy your time and reduce the impact of Satan’s whispers in your head. 

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