8 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

I have breaked my friends promise he tells me to don’t chat with his girlfriend but I still chat with her he doesn’t no, he’s girlfriend is also my best friend but fact is I know her trough my friend only! He doesn’t no I’m talking to her! My friend left her coz he say she’s not good,Should I have to fast 3 expiation fasting for breaking my friends promise??.

By Admin
In Pre-Marital Relations
Jul 23rd, 2020


You need to revise whether you are a true muslim or not! 

Your promise is the least of your worries as having girlfriends and chatting and free mixing with them is far greater than breaking a prohibited promise like this! 

You reminded me with a man who asked about the ruling of aborting a child conceived out of wedlock. When asked why he didn’t use a condom, he says because it is haram!

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