15 Rajab 1442

I have this habit of overthinking about everything, I get really tensed thinking about the future. I want to get rid of this…

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In Psychological Problems
Jul 3rd, 2020


These are whispers of Satan to make you miserable and depressed. Ignore them and do not indulge in such thoughts as they would lead to overthinking and lead you astray ultimately. You must learn your religion well from the basics as knowledge will erase such thoughts. 

Overthinking is basically the result of not having complete reliance and dependence on Allah. You must put all your worries and fears in Allah’s hands and do your best and believe and trust that He will take care of all this.

And remember Allah is as His slave thinks of Him so always have the best hope in Allah.

You can make ruqyah on yourself until this goes away by the will of Allah.


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