4 Dhul-Qa'dah 1442

Urine comes again & again in some quantity more than 15 drops whether i took 10 min or 20 25 min in wc still it come & when i comeout of wc i feel again bladder is fill. If i go back i pass urine. Its like i cannot empty bladder completely at once or just some urine come in bladder & i have urge to pass it. All the day i am like holding my urine tell me about my prayer, reading Quran

By Admin
In Prayer
May 29th, 2020


You need to check with your physician as you might be diabetic! If this is only felt after urinating, this is from satan and he is messing with your head. But if it is constantly coming out like 24/7, this is a medical illness. 

I have urine incontinence problems meaning that after I urinate it will keep leaking to various degree even if I clean myself properly. Usually I clean myself again before salah but recently I forgot to but since it had been 6 hours between the time it leaked and salah and it was dry I assumed it wasn’t impure anymore and didn’t pray my salah a second time. Was I wrong

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