21 Rabi al-Awwal 1443

How to deal with a spouse who thinks we can’t totally live according to Islamic terms n Its ok to do some sins to fit in western world. I’m fighting the waswas n focus on improving myself but hearing these things which may impact my kids, make me angry n I feel due to my anger, I am not able to focus on my ibaadah

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Apr 28th, 2020


Such feelings are from Shaytan to spoil your good deeds. You must advise him with good manners, wisdom, knowledge, and diplomacy and teach your children what is correct despite what he says while giving him dawah in small doses. Explain to him that the One who gave us these rulings and commands is the One who knows how things will become in the future yet he told us to follow the religion which He had completed and perfected. To claim that we need to change bits of it to cope with the changing world means that we are accusing Allah of not knowing that these things will happen! 

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