30 Ramadan 1442

i am a widow i am 40 yrs and i Have been through big trouble now abt 2 months ago there is a man of 31 yrs have been friend and he tell me he love me but i told him not in zina and i told me to make nika but in secret without anyone would know not even my and his parents jis like this and he will not stay with me just one hour a day but my heart doesnot agree he is young and afraid of

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In Invalid Marriages
Apr 26th, 2020


This is zina!

A marriage without the consent of your father and without witnesses is zina. It is totally prohibited to be in communication with him as he is a non mahram. All what he is interested in is one thing and you know that! You sounded to him as a desperate woman and an easy prey to play with and then throw like an old bone to another dog to play with.

Have some respect and dignity and don’t tarnish the reputation and name of your father and family and remember the wrath of Allah that awaits you in your grave and on the day of judgement if you don’t stop all of this filth. 

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