16 Muharram 1444

Only when Allah gives hidayah a person can convert or do good deeds but if Allah doesn’t will to give hidayah to that very person then how is it the mistake of a non believer. Even if we pray for them if Allah doesn’t will then it’s not the mistake of the non believer. It’s all upto Allah to give hidayah??

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In Divine Will and Decree
Apr 10th, 2020


Had they chosen to be guided, Allah would have guided them.

Besides, we believe that Allah is wise, fair, knowledge like and just. Who would dare and challenge all of that or object? If he throws every last one of us in hell, this is His creation and we belong to Him and no one can do anything about it.

Therefore, you have one option and one alone: do your best to worship Him as He ordered and commanded and you might make it.ย 

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