8 Rabi al-Awwal 1442

I have been went to terrible heart break from a guy having relation from 5 years ,I am 21 now and everthing have fallen apart it breaks me every day .Salah and Duas is in track after i ended college.But my mind heart and brain keep telling me ok it happen he is gone i dont want him now .My past haunts me alot as i am fed up from myself.Parents help me to get out of this .

By Admin
In Pre-Marital Relations
Mar 21st, 2020


This is something between you and Allah!

If you repented from your sins, you can’t regret it and feel remorseful for breaking it! Allah will not forgive you if you are not remorseful over such sins and repenting sincerely to Him.

A sign of true repentance is that you move on with your life, being remorseful and ashamed from what you had done and never think positively of your partner in crime as this would mean that your repentance is not genuine or real. 

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