4 Jumada al-Thani 1442

I’veheardsome scholars say thatafter getting married ifyou don’t changeyour lineage and use yourhusbands name afteryour name thenthis is permissible.My name do not include’bint” in it so if I don’t put myhusbands name then people who don’tknow that I’ve changedmy name will consider me the wife of my father bcz not always useMrs.If it is not permissiblethen plz send refe Ican show the proof to husb

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Feb 25th, 2020


In Islam it is not permissible to remove your father’s name and use your husband’s name after the marriage, let alone what people think in society. As a female is always recognised by her father’s name and not her husband’s name.


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