16 Jumada al-Thani 1443

Sheik what advice will I give my friend whose posting her pics showing all her body shape, sometimes showing some part of her body like stomach etc, and always she used to post pictures her hair is open no Hijab or something related. She used to post some short videos to public while she’s dancing shaking her body and sometimes she used to pour water in shirt ………..

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Dec 15th, 2019


Don’t bother about her as Allah will hold her accountable for her sins and for the sins of every follower she has who watches all of this.

What you should be more concerned of is what will say to Allah when He holds you accountable for having a friend from the opposite gender and following her posts religiously and knowing what is happening with detailed description?

You are sinful for having a friend of the opposite sex and you are twice as sinful for watching her photos and posts as if it is halal for you and haram for everyone else.

Fear Allah and cut all communications with such a person and stop stalking her. 

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