15 Rajab 1442

On observation, i feel i have always been on trial by Allah. Now im so done with my difficulties i feel there is no use of making dua to Allah since he has never given any happiness in my life so far. After my Salah instead of making dua, i talk to Allah about how upset i am with Him. I know this is not right but i do my salah n read quran and never feel like making any dua. What do i do?

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In Psychological Problems
Dec 10th, 2019


Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond its capacity. You must thank Allah for the immense blessings He has bestowed upon you and must bear the calamities with patience as everyone in this dunya is tested with something or the other. You must have best hope in Allah as Allah is as His servant thinks of Him.

People have different tests in this world. Some are tested in their health. There are those who undergo dialysis every other day. Others get chemotherapy treatment, not knowing if they will make it or not. There are those who face different calamities such as wars, insecurity, poverty, famine, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.

If you succeed in being patient, Allah will reward you with paradise. But if you fail, you would have failed your test from Allah. Make a lot of duaa and be certain that whatever Allah chooses for you, it is for the best.

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