16 Rajab 1442

I’m not angry or upset with Allaah, but I’m just confused why I suffer from anxiety and depression and struggle so bad to have khushoo in salah. I do my morning and evening adhkaar, try to stay away from the haraam and do what is obligatory and do some nafil things. I know I’m not perfect but I feel like I shouldn’t be suffering from this? What’s the solution?

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In Psychological Problems
Nov 23rd, 2019


So you are saying that Just because you pray and stay away from haram, you shouldn’t be tested with sufferings?

The prophets were the best in the religion and they were tested the most!

Gain more knowledge of Islam and learn all the meanings of the words recited during Salah to increase your khushoo and get professional help for depression if needed from a Muslim psychiatrist.

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