19 Shawwal 1443

My friend believes in God but has doubts about religions.She needs explanations to understand and believe.She asked: why God created evil? Why things are forbidden without giving reasons(like why women should cover her her body and hair?(isn’t it men who has to respect women) Why relationships befor mariage are a sin, why prostitution & ………….. are a sin, basically why sins are sins?

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In Belief in Allaah
Nov 17th, 2019


Either this person believes in the existence of Allah or she doesn’t.ย 

If she doesn’t, we need to prove to her that Allah exists and once this takes place, we can establish the meaning of worship ย and submission to Allah.ย 

If she believes in Allah, we can establish that Allah is wise, all knowing, fair and owns everything.ย 

This means that all of her questions are illogical with the belief that Allah is described by all such beautiful attributes.

Ask her why it is wrong for someone to rape her, take her money and kill her? Any answer she gives can be used against her to prove that whatever Allah says is sinful is for our own good…

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