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Sheikh, do Jinn kind has good jinn and bad jinn in them?

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Nov 12th, 2019


Yes, there are good and bad Jinns as mentioned in the Quran in a surah by the name: Jinn.

If you maintain your daily adkar, you will be protected from every evil with the grace of Allah.

You must maintain your 5 daily prayers on time without fail. Fix a time for reciting Qur’an everyday.
Maintain your daily adhkar of morning and evening, before going to bed, after every fard prayer, while entering the washroom, while going out of the house, before eating etc and this will act as a shield against everything evil with the Mercy of Allah. You will find these duas in a booklet called ‘Hisnul Muslim’ or ‘Fortress of the Muslim.’

Do ruqya on water, preferably zamzam and drink lots from it throughout the day and night and also bathe with this water until you’re cured by the will of Allah.

What is Ruqyah and how one should do it?


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